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      Zhengjiang Shandian complete electric co.,ltd.is located in the coastal area of South Zhejiang,opposite to the Wenzhou downtown cross river,close to 104 national way ,Yong-Tai-Wen express way ,Wenzhou airport and railway station,obviously,it is conveniently located.Now,it owns more than 100 employees,over 10 engineering technicians are speciailized in producting HV/LV switchblards,most of whom have medium and senior titles.Shandian staff are quite young and have strong professional tachnology level.Besides,the company supplies modern assemble line and advanced checkout equipment.

      Shandian producing HV/LV switchboards as main products integrates manufacturing,trade,scientific rescarch,information and service.As one of enterprises shwing the most developing potential.it shows reasonable industry layout.Up to now,the company has acquired CCC ertifiacte for the whole series of HV and LV products and passed the type test report for some HV products.

      With rich technical resource,advanced technical device,perfect after-sale service system,under abiding by enter prise tenet of basing on good faith,leading on science & technology,customer first,top quality,superior service regarding that promoting the sustainable development of society and economy as enterpries aim,insisting on the development direction of intemationalization,science & technology,industrialization on the basis of industrial electrics,Shandian continue to make mori effort to establish Shandian as a world famous brand.

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